Every day, our natural resources are fleetingly depleting. And what we are left with must be used judiciously while striving to sustain it. Nature International is a non-profit organisation that pro-actively works for promoting sustainable development through environmental safety. We have been actively doing this.
Having realised the gravity of the situation an initiative to sensitize the people at grassroots level, with special focus ontomorrow's generation, was taken and Nature International, was conceptualised and launched as an institution to disseminate the message of environmental protection and conservation amongst the people of our country.

The foundation has been committed to support the development of sound, economically sustainable and replicable models of community-based environmental sustainability. The key people at Nature International are strong believers in a bottom-up approach to Earth's environmental problems, and they ensure that no stone is left unturned.

We believe that we have to be the change; we want to see in the world. We believe that we do not have to wait for extraordinary circumstances to do good actions; we can do it to ordinary situations. Hence we urge every individual to make his/her contribution to the environment rather than wait for others to do so.
We work in the areas of tree protection & plantation, ground water protection and garbage management. Also, we encouragetomorrow's citizens i.e. school kids to participate in and educate them in these areas.